Cleaning and Sanitizing

Cleanliness is bliss. Create a germ free world around you and keep yourself in the pink of health throughout.

We help you to do that, with Perfect Clean’s ultimate cleaning products that are made up of microscopic fibers that come with a ‘Build in antimicrobial protection’ and helps removing 99.99% of bacteria from the hard surfaces. Perfect Clean products can be used to reduce dust accumulation form almost any surfaces, appliances and also places hard to reach like tall ceiling, shower walls etc with its wide variety of products like ergonomic mops, wipes, dusters etc.

PerfectClean Corp is one of the leading companies in the US in this field.

Indus also offers a variety of products from Backfire like hand sanitizers, disinfectants and anti-fungal powder that would also help one achieve a germ free environment.

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